27 Temmuz 2015 Pazartesi

Different Colors

How careful are you looking at?

A great application to test awaits. Both your brain and your eyes and your attention test run. An application will be made by simple design patterns.

Intelligence, note that this application requires patience is offered completely free of charge.
Finish in the shortest possible time and be #1.

Gradually forced three sections await you.

The first part of the square to find that one a different color. Caution! You can lose with milliseconds. Please note that this section only for exercise :)

The second section is a section that will force you. The top display rack consisting of two racks have the same sub-rack according to the UAT frame rafta but be different. Let's Do bulabilecekmis. Make the section which is very difficult to make a simple but fast is waiting for you. Please note that this section difficult but not very hard :)

The third chapter attention, intelligence, and that is a very important part of the rate. It mirrors the logic of the dude. That is reflected by the underside of the top. The upper left corner should be the same as the bottom left corner. Again, you should find a different color on the bottom. If you find a subject. Do not forget this part will force you. And you can brag to your friends through this section :)

On the bus, walking down the road, sitting, so you can play while you eat always be quick single point tricks of this game. 1. Play a lot to be fast and be.

Come on, we invite you to the game.

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